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Studying In Europe

It is a dream of many students to be able to go abroad for their higher education. Edge over others, Better reputed colleges, new location, cultural exposure, independence and for about a hundred other reasons. Europe and USA are definitely two most coveted destinations for international students. The exposure and the diversity of these nations are key factors that drive ...

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A Post grad’s “away from home” blues

Why are we so busy that we hardly give importance to the small things in our lives. We all are well protected, within a shell called home. However, once we get out of this cocoon we start realizing how valuable these small things are! One such thing is the “Maa ke haath ka banaya khana!!!!” Certainly, I have been able ...

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Unofficial-prospectus-archives – Asian College of Journalism, Chennai

A.K.A: ACJ Campus: ACJ is located at a god forsaken place called Taramani or ‘Tharamani’ as the Tamils spell it, If you are not from Chennai (like most students) the feeling you get while searching for this place is, ‘My god I am stuck here for one year of my life’. At the end of the year tough, you realise ...

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