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Is AAP really the item girl of politics?

Some people say that AAP members  are attention seeking lot hungry for publicity and find some way or the other to stay in limelight. Other parties feel restless and uncomfortable because AAP grabs the headlines and space in the newspaper that they wanted. The truth is, they are in the limelight because they do things that affects the general masses ...

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Gareebo ki Suno, Wo Tumhari Sunega.

The Food Security Bill has been passed! At the fag end of its “regime” in India, people have seldom realized the fact that Madamji really cares about a nation which is so insecure about itself. So security in any form would surely be welcomed unhindered. Deprived people would get the benefit of subsidized cereals and pulses, which is…. great. I ...

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Politics in the office.

Politics has a peculiar way of dealing with the world. It will either raise one person from rags to riches or bury the other six feet deep under the rags. Growing up I always had a notion that Politics is constrained only to the countries governance, but I was wrong. It is a part and parcel of our lives from ...

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Cool Toon of the Day

Jam brings you cool toons… to keep the summer heat in check. To see more go to JAM Humour-Cartoons section/

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Michael Ban Gaya Mayor

Suhani Singh chases down the youngest elected Mayor of United States and discovers the political side of the 18 year old! Michael Sessions, a high school student from Hillsdale, Michigan did the unbelievable. He contested for the seat of a Mayor in his small town and to everyone’s surprise – Won! Media from as far as Japan and Russia – ...

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