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Top 7 New Year’s eve plans for Mumbai

New years is tomorrow and while most of us have plans to go out, finding the right place to go to is not so easy considering the prices, the rush and the crowd. Keeping these pointers in mind, here are top clubbing and dining options to enter new year dancing 2014 away. The first tip is, join Groupon. Groupon is ...

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Mr Kapoor

father and daughter

It’s so rare that we find soul mates in our parents. You’re more than just my soul mate. You’re my hero. My life – saver and the ONLY MAN in my life. I owe everything to you. Past few years, when I struggled, you struggled with me. When I cried, you secretly cried with me. When I partied, you stayed ...

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MLAs in Delhi: From Crorepati to Maha-Crorepati

Politics in Delhi is lucrative. Or simply a rich MLAs gets richer by sheer grace of God. One MLA from Bijwasan grew his assets from Rs 6 crore to Rs 111 crore! Another MLA from Badarpur grew from Rs. 8 crore to Rs. 58 crore !! ( see table below) Delhi Election Watch (DEW) and Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) have analysed ...

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How to Spend Wisely on Expensive Party Clothes

Rita’s secondary grade brother asked her one Saturday night while she was dressing up all funky-chunky for a party, ‘Why the heck you girls have a problem of not repeating your dresses for any occasion?’ Yes, we are girls and we have all the knack for clothes, more clothes and just clothes. But this is fun, right? Shopping and buying ...

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A Drug Called Love

The whole idea of love to me seems too predictable. You meet her through a friend, at a party, a dinner, a park or a blood donation drive. You like her first mostly, coz we guys know how to admire beauty. You make the first move, coz perversion mixed with desperation can make even Humpty Dumpty move like Usain Bolt. ...

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Seductress in the black party dress

Black party dress

Black, black, & black. Are you tired of the same old black dress that you must have worn zillions of time to a Party? I was tired too. So I came up with three different looks to add some life to a plain black piece of clothing. The Seductress Party Look Turquoise blue is one of the hottest colors. A ...

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London Calling? Indians forced to give £ 3000 bond to get a Visa!

  The British Government has imposed an additional cash bond deposit of 3000 pounds for a visa. Visitors from some African and Asian nations, including India will have to pay £3,000 to enter Britain. This has caused a lot of anger and frustration among the affected students. This piece comes to you from a student at a top “global university” ...

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