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Exams! Exams!

A loud thud and I broke my nose. I’d slept off while studying, lost my balance and there…my face banged right on the study table. I realized this could not be the way to success for sure. So I sat for some time and decided my own pathway to success during semesters. The path can be customized according to your needs…. ...

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Life of an engineering student in a “3rd tier” college

You don’t have to study much after you join a college they said. After 1 year of frequent unit and revision tests I entered my college with so much of expectations that gets fed during the last months of school days. I imagined that my college life would be like what they show in movies and tv shows. Bunking classes, ...

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Photocopywalas err Xeroxwalas

This column is dedicated to those students who not attend lectures, take notes or maintain notebooks. It’s for those who hang out around college; laze in the canteen; and talk about random stuff happening in the world. Simply put, this space is not meant for mere mortals. It’s for students who gain a Superman’s potential to do things at lightening ...

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