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Missile Trump

To confront aggressive North Korea, the US has developed a new missile. This missile is called Trump. Too bad this missile is NOT working as expected.

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Review: The interview

After so much speculation behind the release of a film based on the assassination of the president of North Korea, we get to see the James Franco & Seth Rogen starer ‘The Interview’ Is it worth all the drama? Not really. Reason you ask? It’s not funny. When a film that has Seth Rogen manages to make you laugh merely ...

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The Tale of An Unreleased Interview

Unless you are living under a rock, or in North Korea, maybe, which is the same thing really, you might have heard about all the hullabaloo surrounding the filming and the release (mostly the latter) of the movie, The Interview. To be honest, I am disappointed by Sony’s decision, not so much because I won’t be able to watch what ...

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