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Namo’s Acche Din ?

ÔÇ£Abki baar Modi sarkarÔÇØ ÔÇ£Acche din aane waale haiÔÇØ As clich├®d as they might sound, the above lines as a part of the massive campaign worth Rs 5000 crores had done the trick for NaMo. But whatÔÇÖs even more interesting is that over two months into the government the above lines have not declined in their popularity, with them either ...

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Namo’s Youth Appeal

The immense criticism faced by one of the most dynamic and powerful leaders of all times, Narendra Modi has single handedly taken the 2014 Lok Sabha elections by storm! A sweeping victory by a margin of 334 seats. He has been the foremost candidates for Prime Ministerial post, even though he was labelled “controversial, prejudiced and polarizing!”. Only by the ...

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7 things that would happen if NaMo came to power?

Jai Namo! Jai Namo! Namo seems to be the trending topic on all platforms; digital and non-digital. There’s still time left for Mr. Narendra Modi to achieve the crowning glory. If Modi comes to power, what’s in store for us? Here’s a peek-a-boo into the future; 7 things that would happen if NaMo came to power: 1) How are you will ...

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Is Being anti-Modi pro-Congress and vice-versa?

With the 2014 Elections coming up, there is a lot of debate around the front-running Prime Ministerial candidates. The two political fronts the UPA and NDA have begun their nasty verbal bouts. Some of the venom spewing on TV and in rallies often looks staged and hence has gotten monotonous even for the drama – seeking public. Most individuals at ...

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