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So it ‘s all about getting into an IIT. Or is it?

The JEE Main ranks are out and JEE advanced will be so too shortly. New IITs, is a new hope. An opportunity for increasing population. Many students don’t get into IITs even if they are talented. Because, there are almost lakhs of people applying for IITs. “Old is Gold” Old IITs are better. The top 5 Bombay, Delhi, Madras, Kanpur, Kharagpur ...

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Google Android One: Should you buy one?

Android one

So if you have heard the buzz about Android one but not sure exactly what is it. Then we are here to give you some insight. What is Android one? Android one is an initiative by Tech giant Google, to provide first class software experience at low cost in developing nation like India. By low cost they mean devices which ...

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Smartphone industry that’s driving everyone ga-ga

  With a population size growing at a fast pace and posing all kinds of people with different demographics, India surely has evolved as a very matured investment spot among the third world and emerging markets. To substantiate the fact, a few days ago when home grown e- tailer Flipkart announced a fresh round of funding of a billion dollars ...

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Get smarter with the right smartphone

They say necessity is the mother of invention. But now it seems to have changed to invention is the mother of necessity. Earlier, mobile phones were used for calls, at the most text messages. But in recent times, a mobile phone has turned from a black and white piece of luxury to an item of indispensable necessity. Phones can now ...

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