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Germany: We are the Champions

The final showdown of the football world cup between Germany and Argentina was definitely a magnum opus. The game right from the start was a neck to neck display of excellent sportsmanship. Philipp Lahm and his team after their colossal victory over a great team like Brazil were favourites to win the cup. And they didn’t disappoint their fans, their ...

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Argentina: World Cup final here we come

The second semi-final match between Netherlands and Argentina was pitted to be an eye-ball grabbing, intriguing and entertaining game of football. Mamma Mia! It was an immensely thrilling and nail-biting game with an unhappy ending for the men in orange. With Argentina going into the game without their redeemer Angel Di Maria, it was time for Messi and gang to ...

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I Don’t Believe in the Gods of Cricket

They say, if one man worships something imaginary—its madness; but, if many men worship something imaginary—its religion. And the people who do not believe in these ‘make believe’ tales are branded Atheists—the scourge of the planet, the hell-damned people, the people who kick cute kittens when it meows. Sadly I’m one of those people. I do not, cannot, will not ...

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