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Top 5 things men would like to say to women.

Men who are often misunderstood. They would like their women to know 5 things about them. 1. Yes we are men! And we would like to fix anything and everything that’s broken around the house!  If we don’t find anything broken we will break them and then try to fix them n then cry for expert help. 2. Yes we ...

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10 simple ways to become manlier

Being manly is such a big deal for you, isn’t it? Follow these few steps that will turn you into an incredible man. All you need is sheer determination and a GIRL or GIRLS. 100% satisfaction and solitude guaranteed. Be what you were born to be. An insensitive hard ass, for nuts’ sake! When your girl calls you for like ...

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Animal IN-Stinks

Human kind is the most sophisticated species on the Planet Earth. Being organized, civilized and cultured beings, we are completely different from any other species on the globe. But sadly our superiority over other species lasts only until; a hot babe gets employed in our workplace! Because as soon as something even remotely hot ‘girl like’ enters a workplace environment; ...

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Breaking News : Porn OK Please

Champak Chauhan (name changed for confidentiality) is a promising lad from the middle strata of the Indian Society. Every day he wakes up at 6 o’clock and after his morning chores, wears a dhoti, smears an orange teeka on his forehead and performs a detailed aarti of the God he believes in, with all his soul – Hanumanji. He believes ...

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POV : Is it OK for a woman to say ‘No’, when she doesn’t want to say ‘Yes’

inkaar chitrangada singh, arjun rampal

Inkaar: This movie raises questions….actually starts a debate. Is it OK for a woman to say No, when she doesn’t want to say Yes. Is sex the currency in the corporate world? Do women work under a glass ceiling that cannot be broken? Is it for men to propose and women to accept. Or to refuse? When does sex stop ...

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