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Drive Your Career the Nissan Way.

NSBM Program a unique initiative by the company to give students with a real life experience over Brand & Marketing Management, and also to promote the Nissan brand among the youth. The Program is spread over the period of a six months starting from July this year in which they will be provided intense training and an opportunity to gain ...

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BSchool Rankings 2004

JAM B School Report Card 2004 || Cosmode-Businessworld Outlook-CFore Ranking || India Today Rankings || FAQ’s The JAM B School Report Card 2004 Whether a B school RANKS a notch higher or lower than another isn’t as important as whether it falls in a generally accepted CATEGORYas regards quality of education and placements. The JAM B school Report Card gives ...

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BSchool Rankings 2003

To B or not B || BW-Cosmode Ranking Outlook-CFore Ranking || Business Today Rankings What Students Say || School Hunting / Placement 2003 To B or not B A hard look at which B schools are really worth applying to. by Rashmi Bansal, JAM Editor, IIM Ahmedabad alumnus. Immersed in preparations for CAT and the slew of entrance exams that ...

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The trouble with B school rankings 2006

If you are an MBA aspirant, do not blindly accept B school ranking surveys By Rashmi Bansal The huge interest in pursuing an MBA has made ‘B School rankings’ an annual feature of several magazines. B school rankings issues sell – but do they actually guide mostly ignorant aspirants? Do they provide credible information and help you make better choices? ...

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To B Or Not To Be

Why do institutes opt out of B school surveys anyways? And does research output really matter? Rashmi Bansal finds out. B school surveys are like Miss India contests – a good figure is a basic requirement. I mean in terms of certain academic parameters like full-time faculty. Problem is, every institute does not believe in this academic model. The Symbiosis ...

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