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Got a Barbie in your collection?

barbie collector

Barbie approaches her 55th birthday. Created by Mattel in 1959 and inspired by a fashion doll named Bild Lilli from Germany, these dolls were first introduced at the New York Toy-fair and were an instant success. Mow more demure than ever, ‘Barbie in India’ has several avatars like the one wearing a wedding outfit, one dressed in gharchola saree representing ...

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Game Review- SCRABBLE

Have you ever felt lost for words during an argument? Isn’t it slightly awkward when all your words keep repeating over and over again, like you are reading it out of a textbook? Do you feel that the dispute could have been better if you could have thrown some fancy synonyms for ‘Idiot’? Or on the other hand, are you ...

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