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Story of the Girl who got the Nobel Prize

Alice Munro, a writer of Canadian origin has won this year’s Nobel Prize in Literature.  Born on 10th July, 1931, has been an aspiring writer since her teenage years. Her first story, “The Dimensions of a Shadow,” was written in 1950 while studying English and journalism at the University of Western Ontario. The 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature cites Alice Munro, as the ...

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What comes first – Sex or Marriage?

The Madras High Court has said: If you have had wilful sex you can be deemed as married. In its judgement; “If any unmarried couple of the right legal age “indulge in sexual gratification,” this will be considered a valid marriage and they could be termed “husband and wife.” The court said that if a bachelor has completed 21 years ...

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Have Sex. You’re *&$@^%(Married)

India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters. To people who did not go to school—this is a crash course of our national pledge. It basically states that in our country, all the dudes are your bros and all the chicks are females that you cannot…er are your sisters. So basically that is why everyone here is ...

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You may be the Perfect Gentleman…d’yu know what she wants?

He was of a retiring nature, not prone to public displays of affection. His words were measured and he thought a great deal before making an advance in any field. Which worked both to his advantage and disadvantage, while his choices were good she did not have the patience to wait for them. Being somewhat of a retiring nature herself, ...

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