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Movie Review; Kaala

Plot Karikalan is the leader of Dharavi slums and popularly known as Kaala bhai the king of Dharavi. When a local politician Hari Dada tries to destroy Dharavi slums and construct buildings and towers there Kaala clashes with him. What’s Good Both veteran actors Rajnikanth and Nana Patekar act well, Rajnikanth with his quirky style and personality, and Nana with ...

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Movie review- Dr. Prakash Baba Amte

Dr Prakash Baba Amte – This movie is as u must have guessed from the title is a Biography on the well known social Baba Amte’s son. A son who carried forward his fathers legacy and along with his wife achieved even greater heights in social work done for the down trodden and completely ignored adivasis of state of Maharashtra. ...

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