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The sad case of KLPD

I really love come-backs by yester-years great stars or as I simply like to call it— ‘recycling’. These comebacks are an excellent way to remind you why they were thrown out in the first place. But let’s not be rude to them at times like these. I mean, it is really difficult to run your (insert star name here) hotel ...

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Mallika SheraMUTT!

Ignoring trivial issues like potholed roads, overflowing garbage dumps and illegal constructions, the BMC (Bekaar Municipal Committee) has decided to ban all obscene hoardings. This has given rise to employment opportunities for our star actress and model Mallika Sheramutt, because everybody loves a cute pooch. On this momentous occasion, Ashish Shakya guides you through the world of censorship. Like all ...

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