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I’m enough

I remember telling myself that I must always look after myself, no matter what. I remember waking up and knowing that I don’t need to rely on someone else to make me smile. I remember protecting my heart, from whatever came it’s way. I remember not feeling at all. I remember losing myself. I remember feeling lost and terribly alone. ...

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Lost! Is the new Found

Start, first and the most challenging step Into searching and then Entering into those locked dreams Seeing only and only a few steps and then Losing myself into the oblivion, Treading an unknown journey To an unknown destination Tears of sweat dappled on my forehead, Acute pain crippling my legs I could hear the roar “Hundreds of kilometers more” A ...

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TILE: A Gadget To Locate Your Lost Items

Do you have a habit of forgetting your things? Then a modern technology gadget is there to help you out. It’s called ‘TILE’. The best thing about this gadget is that it can be operated from your iphone or ipad and its super easy to use. Simply attach the tile to items you usually forget, like key chain, laptop or ...

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