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A Conversation With God

Me: So why do you consider yourself God? God: I don’t, you do. Me: Well you created me, does that not make you special? God: Depends. Me: On what? God: Are you happy with yourself? Me: I am not sure. God: Do you think a person who creates something that no one is happy with is special? Me: Not really. ...

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Why F.R.I.E.N.D.S have a special place in my life

Theirs was an enchanted┬áworld, yet so real. We all have,┬áwanted to LIVE these characters. Not because they are┬áhilarious┬áor trendy, but we connected to each of them on so many levels . They have ┬áa very very special place in my life. IÔÇÖve always gone back to watching Friends during my low times, when I run out of┬ápatience┬áor just need to ...

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Career: Is IIT, IIM about the good life?

‘Career queries’ like this one really bug me. “… I am expecting an admission in IIT for computer science or mathematics.At the same time I am also getting an admission in IISc for BS. In future I want to do MBA from a good university. I want to work as a investment banker. I am very confused which option would ...

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What Article 377 means and why are we angry about rights

In the world’s largest democracy and second most populated country, where we talk about advancement of the generation, uplifting marginalised of the society, of equality, and freedom of expression and where we also have discrimination against the sexual minorities. On 11th December, 2013, Supreme Court reversed the ruling of Delhi high court making homosexuality a criminal act. Gay sex is ...

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Wake up; It’s Just a Break up!!!

All of us have at least once in our dreamy lives had an unforgettable break up. By a break up I am not referring to a lover or a bf/gf but there are other things too. I define break up as a life changer when your support system gives up on you. It could be a loss of a job, ...

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Roomies keep screwing my boring life

Roomies?  How do I define them? The guys who share rent with you or the guys with whom you live with under a roof! Naah! Roomies are those who love screwing your peaceful life and love using your stuff. For a year I was living alone with my own as I was working on a novel and believe me, I ...

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Beware of the Moron on Facebook

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Don’t some people take life very seriously? They are left with no other option but to post about it on Facebook. They want to sleep, wake up, bath, cough, sneeze, puke, or even die, about all this serious business on Facebook. If you are the one who is doing a research on various kinds of morons, facebook.com would be really ...

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Get a L.I.F.E

A concern for the environment in the midst of a hectic course schedule may seem daunting to many. But for these students at SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, it’s just a way of LIFE! How many times do we get motivated to work for a social cause? At least once. And how many times do we actually follow ...

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