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What kind are you?

It was 3 pm and the AC was in full swing. My eyelids were heavier than they were a minute ago. I glanced at the monitor every once a while to assure myself that this too shall pass. I tried to speak up in between so that my lead thought I was paying attention. My mind was asleep… and I ...

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Kolkata, a place where music breathes in every corner, and  a place where every other week, a group of people get together to make their own rock band. In this very competitive era of rock bands, even thinking of starting a metal/rock band is a big deal, with its own pressure and hurdles like: who will sponsor us?  Unsupportive parents ...

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Your Attention Please

ATTENTION Adjusting in, was his attempt Regardless of favoritism and contempt The surroundings were utterly new He knew whereabouts of only a few He believed in merging with distinctions Understanding people was one of his convictions Who used to lead, direct and stand out Was now directionless at a round about Amongst alike, he usually bossed Then what made him ...

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