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Two years, No change.


Rape is the word all women are far too familiar with. .We ask ourselves thousands of questions; check the mirror millions of times. It is the dread that subsists at the back of our minds when we leave our homes every day. This apprehension that has intensified, due to the incident that occurred on this very day two years ago. ...

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Dilemma of a Law Graduate

Get into top NLU they said, U’ll get a sure shot job they said. For those who are about to graduate, It is time to be called an ex-Nluite, most of us will have to be contented with just the NLU tag. CGPA – Which is mostly achieved by doing CGPA ( Consistently Groping Professors’s Arse) is the most important ...

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eShack – The Party Place

Arman Sood and Ashwajeet Singh, fourth year law students from Jindal Global Law School conceived an offbeat idea of eShack- an online store selling bar/party/drinking accessories. In their second year, after being bored with their not-so-happening life, and hell-bent on doing something new and unconventional, both budding entrepreneurs took the plunge.  From college their dorm, they share their journey  into ...

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Have Sex. You’re *&$@^%(Married)

India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters. To people who did not go to school—this is a crash course of our national pledge. It basically states that in our country, all the dudes are your bros and all the chicks are females that you cannot…er are your sisters. So basically that is why everyone here is ...

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Be on the right side of the Law

Are you looking for a career that gives you a battlefield-like adrenaline rush? Well, you don’t have to join the Armed Forces. You can get that rush from a career in law. Now I know if you walk by the sessions court on Mahapalika Marg in Mumbai you see lots of lawyers – young and old – wearing those black ...

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