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The “May I help you?” species

At every official or administrative or event location ever created, there is always an Information Desk which is likely to be the most interesting part of the experience. Sometimes the Information Desk is an Information Counter, or Office, usually more of an Information Half-Cubicle. The theoretical point of the Information Desk is to answer your queries about things, usually with ...

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Can a Company like Infosys be Guilty?

In the news, Infosys has agreed to pay a $34 million in a settlement with US Justice Department in a case where it was found to have misused the B-1 visa. Workers can go to the US for on site work on an H1-B visa. The B-1 visa is a temporary restricted visa, it only allows visitors to attend meetings, training, ...

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Study Abroad – Going to France

Post graduation in France – on a scholarship: I finished my B.Sc. in Mathematics from the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education, at Pondicherry in 2008. Like all citizens in this beautiful part of India, I was fairly conversant with French. I knew the language and had been practicing it for 15 years. When I got a scholarship to do ...

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