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Cognizance The Annual Technical Festival of IIT ROORKEE

Technology is really priceless A bloomy spring morning on 24th of March will mark the start of the annual tech fest of IIT ROORKEE. Cognizance, being the among the largest technical festival of Asia, gets a footfall of over 40,000 every year where the best brains of the country fight it out to conquer their domains. Every year, it adds ...

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It’s about the right IIT, right engineering and right career

Great dreams of dreamers are always transcended” APJ Abdul Kalam Indian Institute of Technology, A coveted dream of every student. I am taking an opportunity to converse with such students through this article. Here goes;You have put efforts for JEE. You have got a good rank. Now,  you are busy in putting applications. This article will simplify your work;  Where ...

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Movie Review; Jobs

The movie is a biopic on the world’s favourite CEO, Steve Jobs of Apple Computers. It portrays how the most valuable corporation of 2012 had such humble beginning in 1976 and how a group of 6 friends started this company in their home garage and struggled and fought to bring it up against rival giants like IBM, Hewlett Packard(HP), Microsoft. ...

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