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Being highbrowed

It’s the thing to be these days. And before being highbrowed becomes too mainstream, which incidentally is the closest antithesis of being highbrowed, try and inculcate these sure shot qualities in yourself to be, if not talk-of-the-town, at least to be licensed to talk about the town.   Read no further if you understood the previous paragraph without re-reading it ...

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Suits vs. Boston Legal: Why BL is better!

“We’re flamingos!”- the phrase that’s won a million hearts, along with James Spader’s genius acting, alluring sense of humor, cynicism, and William Shatner’s narcissism and ‘mad cow’ disease. I daresay that Boston Legal is the best legal drama till date. Even though it ended in 2008, people love it just as much today; I know, ‘cause I’m one of those ...

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5 really bad SRK movies

Someone has wisely said: ‘One can only be a king if he loses a few wars.’ When it comes to Bollywood, it should be like: ‘One can only be a superstar, if he gives a dozen flop movies.’ And there Shahrukh Khan, the Badshah of Bollywood tops the list. To the Indian movie industry SRk has given tremendous hit to ...

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8 things that will help you survive during an apocalypse

If you are reading this letter, you are probably one of the few unlucky ones left alive. You want to survive this don’t you? Well you need to do these simple things right and maybe you and the rest of humanity still has a chance. Don’t be an illiterate: If you can’t read, you are doomed. My words would be ...

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Aam Aadmi ka Band(h) Baja!

Indians have many great privileges bestowed on them. We have our countless freedom fighters to thank for it. Like Sardar Vallabhai Patel for being the first Iron Man before Tony Stark came along and stole the idea, or Gandhiji for getting us the salt that is responsible all the water weight around my waist. There are countless men whose names ...

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Welcome to the NEW Age!

                    In the beginning of Man-kind, we had ICE age, when there was nothing but ice. Then came the Stone-age, when everything was made of stone. Then came the Industrial age, when the all those industries began polluting our atmosphere. And finally arrived the current times, the time that we believe ...

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