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Holi Conjunctivitus !

Finally the festival of Colors is upon us, and by colors I don’t mean the channel that does Kapil’s reruns three hundred and eighteen times a day. I’m talking about Holi–the festival that should preferably end with the suffix ‘Crap’. Ideally this traditional festival is about using various colors to make a person completely or partially blind, develop nasty skin ...

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Holi is here…Happy Holi

We don’t have Ranbir’s luck, but what the heck – Happy Holi To every one of you who came visiting this site! Have a blast!!

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The Cobbler’s Holi

When winter bids goodbye, the air is filled with colors of different kinds and one’s spirit is perked up with bliss. It’s the time to celebrate Holi again. One gears up for a new beginning by burning up the past. That’s the belief of the Hindus, and they never miss this festival. People playing with colors during Holi is now ...

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Welcome to the NEW Age!

                    In the beginning of Man-kind, we had ICE age, when there was nothing but ice. Then came the Stone-age, when everything was made of stone. Then came the Industrial age, when the all those industries began polluting our atmosphere. And finally arrived the current times, the time that we believe ...

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Top 5 foods you must eat this Holi

holi food

Holi is just round the corner, and the pichkaris and colours are already coming up for sale in the markets. But any Indian festival is incomplete without food, Holi being no exception. But is Holi only about Bhaang and Thandai? Well, no. Here are five foods you must have this holi (Yes, they are holi-specials!) 1. Mattar ki kheer: An ...

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