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Bromantic AwesomnessÔÇï: 22 Jump Street Review

This is a story about our ‘So-called’ Heroes from 21 Jump Street, i.e Schmidt (Jonah Hill) & Jenko (Channing Tatum) but they are not going back to High school, this time they are going to College. All the things that happened in 21 Jump Street happen again. What makes it cool is, the movie actually knows it. The first Jump ...

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IIT’an Ban Gaya Film Star

vivek chandra ringtone

The glitz and glamour of cinema attracts all. But the idea of an aeronautical engineer from IIT, entering the world of cinema can never cease to astonish us. Vikas Chandra, who just passed out of IIT Madras is one such example. Having bagged a role in Santosh Parlawar’s Telugu movie “Ringtone”, slated to release in July 2013, he is all ...

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Mr Kapoor

father and daughter

It’s so rare that we find soul mates in our parents. You’re more than just my soul mate. You’re my hero. My life – saver and the ONLY MAN in my life. I owe everything to you. Past few years, when I struggled, you struggled with me. When I cried, you secretly cried with me. When I partied, you stayed ...

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Delhi Metro Travellers Species

Here are types one would generally find in the metro. Being the one to compose such a list undoubtedly I may belong to a freak/check-out-er category. Read on to know more.. 1. The One Who Goeszzz Well, if the station is as far as an hour away, it is okay to find a seat in that corner, put your head ...

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Review; Kick-Ass 2

Kick-Ass… But not so hard this time” First things first. I am and will always be a big-ass fan of the first Kick-ass movie. So when I heard a sequel was in store I got excited. Did Kick-Ass 2 live up to the expectation? Yes and No The film starts where Kick-Ass (version 1) ended, and his heroic antics having ...

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