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Enjoying solitude.

I always synonymized alone with lonely. Alone to me came as a negative thing, and I never told anyone that I like it. This was till one day when I was in Matunga buying earrings and my friend asked me who am I with and when I answered that I’m alone, how shocked she was. And then I reflected- the ...

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Practicing Humanity

We are in the middle of a heated rat race and the end is nowhere in sight. It’s getting bad down here in these tunnels; the rats are beginning to turn on each other. Sadly though, we are not rats. That would have justified the atrocities in the world like discrimination, poverty, corruption and even murder. But for human beings, ...

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The clueless boyfriend gifting guide

Gift for the girlfriend- you guys know how hard you work and how much pressure this brings. But is it really that difficult? The thing is, girls are (mostly) materialistic. So if you have a fun filled day planned for her but there isn’t a “gift” at the end of it, it won’t be perfect. So these ideas are for ...

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10 Hilariously sarcastic tweets on Fathers’ day

Father to son

1. Happy Father’s Day to a dad that will never see this tweet. He doesn’t know what twitter even is. Here’s to you dad. 2.Happy Father’s Day daddy , wait I don’t know you (-; 3.Hats off to all those who didn’t use CONDOM that night. Happy Father’s Day. 4.Happy Father’s Day to all the boys that make their girlfriends ...

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Holi is here…Happy Holi

We don’t have Ranbir’s luck, but what the heck – Happy Holi To every one of you who came visiting this site! Have a blast!!

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Happy Puja and Happy Dassera

Here is our favourite Rani wishing all a very Happy Puja and Happy Dassera. In the way she knows best. With her brightest smile…serving Bhog at a Sarbojanin Durga Puja Celebrations in Mumbai on Sunday, October 13th 2013.

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