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She is pretty..beautiful..smart.. intelligent..she had got all those qualities which every girl desires of.. Yupp she is the perfect example of BEAUTY WiTH BRAiNS.. But still why is it that people just talk about her beauty and not about her brains?? Why is it that when she achieves success..credit is given to her beauty and not to her talent?? Why ...

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Movie review; The Croods

This animation movie, set in the primitive age, takes us back down the evolution ladder to the era of cavemen. The Croods, a family of six, are the only survivors of natures wrath, among their clan. Living under the pretext of “never not be afraid”, led by the patriarch Grug, the Croods never leave their cave except for the rare ...

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I Spy: My Daughter & That Guy

A possible conversation, in the near future, between two cavorting young people, a passionate couple, sitting somewhere on the rocks off Bandra Bandstand on a breezy winter evening with just the right amounts of cloud to be romantic: Girl: Darling I just love sitting here and seeing your hair tremble in the breeze… Boy: And I can spend my entire ...

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