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When And How Should One Start Preparing For A Post Graduation Abroad?

Studying abroad definitely has its perks; high-quality education combined with living in a completely new environment and learning the culture. Future employment prospects are also a plus with the kind of global education that one receives in the universities abroad. All these could benefit someone positively, only if they have narrowed down their choice of universities based on their preferences ...

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Jobs and scope in food technology.

Chocolates, ice cream, pizza, noodles, samosas, dosas, juices and colas all are products of the Indian food industry. It’s not just restaurant chefs, but also the food technologists who run this industry. Food is a science. In fact a highly developed one, that is based on the fundamentals of biochemistry, physical sciences, chemistry and engineering. Technologists help to make the ...

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Studying In Europe

It is a dream of many students to be able to go abroad for their higher education. Edge over others, Better reputed colleges, new location, cultural exposure, independence and for about a hundred other reasons. Europe and USA are definitely two most coveted destinations for international students. The exposure and the diversity of these nations are key factors that drive ...

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Study Abroad – Going to France

Post graduation in France – on a scholarship: I finished my B.Sc. in Mathematics from the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education, at Pondicherry in 2008. Like all citizens in this beautiful part of India, I was fairly conversant with French. I knew the language and had been practicing it for 15 years. When I got a scholarship to do ...

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After Graduation, What?

Come graduation and an imaginary ‘Unemployed Graduate Statistic’ board hangs over your head. The prospect of landing a job looms large for all fresh graduates (remember, not everyone can get into an MBA!). So, unless papa’s got a business, here are a few openings that’ll help you take your first few steps into the Big Bad Real world! (A) Finance ...

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