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So it ‘s all about getting into an IIT. Or is it?

The JEE Main ranks are out and JEE advanced will be so too shortly. New IITs, is a new hope. An opportunity for increasing population. Many students don’t get into IITs even if they are talented. Because, there are almost lakhs of people applying for IITs. “Old is Gold” Old IITs are better. The top 5 Bombay, Delhi, Madras, Kanpur, ...

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It’s about the right IIT, right engineering and right career

Great dreams of dreamers are always transcended” APJ Abdul Kalam Indian Institute of Technology, A coveted dream of every student. I am taking an opportunity to converse with such students through this article. Here goes;You have put efforts for JEE. You have got a good rank. Now,  you are busy in putting applications. This article will simplify your work;  Where ...

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Sayonara, Orkut!

Orkut, GoogleÔÇÖs social networking platform which was launched with great gusto 10 years back has bid adieu to the world. Orkut lay resting in peace at an e-graveyard since September 30, 2014. Orkut came into existence in 2004 same year as the current no.1 social networking site Facebook, but couldn’t manage to keep netizens hooked. Orkut managed a lot of ...

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Google Android One: Should you buy one?

Android one

So if you have heard the buzz about Android one but not sure exactly what is it. Then we are here to give you some insight. What is Android one? Android one is an initiative by Tech giant Google, to provide first class software experience at low cost in developing nation like India. By low cost they mean devices which ...

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What to do if you are unemployed?

Life in college is easy and full of fun but once you graduate two things seem to rule your life – career and job. Home is not sweet any more with parents start inquiring about placement (you laugh at the word although you pretend serious) and neighbours start asking ‘What are you doing?’, a question that makes you feel as ...

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Google’s new Nexus 7

Google wants to repeat the magic of Nexus 7 once again with the launch of new version of the same device. Last year Google launched the nexus 7 tablet manufactured by ASUS which was a huge hit because of its affordable price and easy to carry size. This year they released the next generation tablet with higher specs. Yatendra Singh ...

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Jam Top 5: Five cool fundas to live life!

1. Money cannot buy happiness but it is much better to cry in a BMW than on a cycle 2. Alcohol cannot solve the problems of life, but then neither can milk 3. Some people are alive in this world, only because it would be illegal to shoot them 4. If your father is poor it is not your mistake, ...

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