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Do you have a Bloody Good Book in you?

An invitation to first time authors by Rashmi Bansal Many of you write to me, asking for advice on how to get published. Often you say, “I have a manuscript but I don’t know who to send it to.” Or, “I have sent my manuscript to 5 publishers but there is no response.” At these times, I remember how lucky ...

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Where have all the good people gone?

Let me begin by stating that this article shall display extreme levels of hypocrisy. And if that bothers you, please stop reading right now. But I know most of you won’t stop, after all we thrive in hypocrisy. Let us begin with what I love doing, judging people. Yes, I confess that I love it. It does not matter whether ...

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A Good Manager ?

If you are an “Employee who hates his Manager like everyone else “,  then we have this article that talks about managers , the present accepted forms of abuse that they have to go through and ,maybe, steps to avoid it A Good Manager Manager have and always will be an enigma for the people who actually bring the rupee to ...

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JAM’s in-depth rating of top coaching classes.

After the unprecedented success of our call centre ratings, we felt the need to apply a measuring stick to coaching classes and tutorials. A decade ago, coaching classes were meant for weaker students with difficulties in particular subjects. Today, enrolling in a coaching class makes one part of an upward trend helped by the mushrooming of coaching classes all over ...

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