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A Conversation With God

Me: So why do you consider yourself God? God: I don’t, you do. Me: Well you created me, does that not make you special? God: Depends. Me: On what? God: Are you happy with yourself? Me: I am not sure. God: Do you think a person who creates something that no one is happy with is special? Me: Not really. ...

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GoD is in ControL

A time when you really hoped for a deserving success, happy outcome, but just somehow missed it. Remember the days before the final results of Board exams…the period when your anxiety oozes from every little pore in your body. Do we not often face the same tremors all over even today? For people who believe in God up there, that’s ...

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The greatest player EVER to play limited overs cricket. Period! Thank you for all the memories and being an inspiration and a true role-model! God bless you!

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Why god makes stupid people

‘ve always believed there are two kinds of stupid people – those who are incapable of gathering information and those who are plain ignorant. God made the former plainly for our amusement. I’ve always believed that if you know someone who can’t catch a ball coming at them, pelt pointy rocks on their faces till they bleed. That very act ...

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