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She is a Girl

She is a girl. One in your womb. She’s alive. She breathes. She’s beautiful. She has eyes. Yes, the one in your womb. Bring to life So that she can LIVE her life. Not to make her a mannequin of your family’s pride. She has heart beneath those curves that your eyes see. She has a soul, she doesn’t hide. ...

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5 Things to follow on Public Transport Buses!

What are the things which move in your mind when you hear about public transport buses? Deluxe! Cheap! Comfortable! Naah! Actually the things which seem to be running in our mind after hearing about buses are : compact, crowd, sweet ladies, slaps and undoubtedly swindler or pickpockets. Travelling in a public transport bus is becoming almost a part of our ...

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Long distance relationship matlab – lots of space?

long distance relationships

A long-distance relationship matlab we get lots of space, no? Heck no! This type of relationship is stuck together with chewing gum. It’s risky and a mind ‘blower’. The first condition is that you had a short distance relationship. Meaning you had once been close and…you know what..now you’re forced to make it long distance(like me). If you satisfy this ...

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“Is she dating someone?”

All through my school life I had comparatively more guy friends, and used to proudly declare myself to be somewhat free from “The Girly virus”. That strong and helpless addiction to dresses, nailpaint,jewellery and make up. The excitement when anything cute, sparkly, or frilly crosses her path. The condition is in an advanced stage when you find her wearing something ...

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Love Means You Never Have to Walk !

love means never having to walk

The other day I was taking an evening stroll down the “couple’s park”. I was minding my own business not disturbing the love-birds and making sure they didn’t see my camera. But just then I saw a sight that startled me. I saw a boy slapping a girl in the middle of the street! I got so damn irritated! I ...

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Short Story – Welcome to Kolkatta

So, finally I was waiting at the station for my train. I was sad as I couldn’t go to Delhi, but I was damn happy too, because I was leaving Bihar. Like other Biharis, I knew that career growth or any other personal improvement is impossible in Bihar. We lack good higher education and the attitude of the society isn’t ...

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