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Study Engineering in Singapore

Singapore, A small country in Asia. But they are shining like a bright star in the field of technology, business, and Startups !!! Some top ranked universities are doing research in environmental awareness and sustainable living to deal with the global warming issues. National University of Singapore. Nanyang Technological Univesity are some good universities in Singapore. Getting into IIT is quite ...

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Have a Game Night Date. Even with a non-gamer

All couples are familiar with the hassle of pre planning a successful date night. Instead of expensive night outs if you opt for an in house date, here’s something new you can try with your partner if you haven’t already. For gamers and non gamers, theses 8 games are a perfect combination of fun, easy to play yet not cliché, ...

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The Flappy Bird of Politics

Flappy Bird

They say that Politics is nothing more than a game. And judging by the state of India’s politics I’m starting to feel that our game is Grand Theft Auto 5. That would be the only explanation of all the murders, corruption, rapes, scams, and how the culprit gets away with all this in just three hours of jail time. But ...

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