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Study Engineering in Singapore

Singapore, A small country in Asia. But they are shining like a bright star in the field of technology, business, and Startups !!! Some top ranked universities are doing research in environmental awareness and sustainable living to deal with the global warming issues. National University of Singapore. Nanyang Technological Univesity are some good universities in Singapore. Getting into IIT is quite ...

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TOP 5 Most Fun & Addictive Games on Android!

  ­­Android has sure seen a booming upscale change in the years of 2012 till now. It has the best of everything; apps, books and GAMES. Lots and lots of addictive games. No you do not need to be an avid X-Box or Nintendo Gamer! Android Games are here, and how! Here is a list of the Top 5 Most ...

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Shalin Shodan

This guy’s such a gizmo geek that Tom could only meet him online. A game developer and an upcoming musician (check out Shalinshodhan.com), Shalin Shodhan is the underdog slowly realising his dreams. Thomas ‘tom’ Koshy engages in a tete-e-tete with the gizmo kid (he’s done an M.E.T in Carnegie Melon University & B.S. in computer engg from LD COE, India0) ...

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Games People Play

Cross ‘n’ Zero is passe and Name-Place-Animal-Thing is boring. JAMmers speak about the things they do to relieve themselves from the boredom of a lecture. Me and my friends used to play Football Hangman during lectures. The game was simple Hangman but only names of football players or clubs were allowed. It’s quite addictive if you’re a footy fanatic. – ...

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