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Yeh friendship kya hai?

What is friendship? It is trying to cover up the track for your footloose friend, ÔÇ£oh yes, aunty! He spent the weekend at my home, preparing for the test!ÔÇØ It is fighting over that last piece of pizza and knowing that itÔÇÖs a battle to death. This is Sparta! It is calling each other insulting names but donning body armor ...

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Friendship Movies to watch – Get your friends over!

So the first Sunday of August is here and a midst the colourful friendship bands, random long drives and treats. You come back home and sing your favourite Bollywood tune which revives the friendship hormone in you. We would like you to dust off that old CD player of your and bring out the legends that have been stored somewhere ...

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Story of the Girl who got the Nobel Prize

Alice Munro, a writer of Canadian origin has won this year’s Nobel Prize in Literature.  Born on 10th July, 1931, has been an aspiring writer since her teenage years. Her first story, “The Dimensions of a Shadow,” was written in 1950 while studying English and journalism at the University of Western Ontario. The 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature cites Alice Munro, as the ...

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