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Vishal Shekhar concert Sat, Jan 10 @ Mahalaxmi Mumbai

What is better than having fun knowing you’re doing it for a good cause? A bigger reason for having fun! “Prayas” is a concert being organised to raise funds┬á for orphans and specially abled children. The event highlights include a featured performance by underprivileged kids and then a performance by the Bollywood duo Vishal and Shekhar. The New Hope Foundation ...

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Enjoying solitude.

I always synonymized alone with lonely. Alone to me came as a negative thing, and I never told anyone that I like it. This was till one day when I was in Matunga buying earrings and my friend asked me who am I with and when I answered that I’m alone, how shocked she was. And then I reflected- the ...

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I’m enough

I remember telling myself that I must always look after myself, no matter what. I remember waking up and knowing that I don’t need to rely on someone else to make me smile. I remember protecting my heart, from whatever came it’s way. I remember not feeling at all. I remember losing myself. I remember feeling lost and terribly alone. ...

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Why F.R.I.E.N.D.S have a special place in my life

Theirs was an enchanted┬áworld, yet so real. We all have,┬áwanted to LIVE these characters. Not because they are┬áhilarious┬áor trendy, but we connected to each of them on so many levels . They have ┬áa very very special place in my life. IÔÇÖve always gone back to watching Friends during my low times, when I run out of┬ápatience┬áor just need to ...

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10 best moments from F.R.I.E.N.ÔÇïD.S

If F.R.I.E.N.D.S was to be defined in a single sentence, it would be this: the show that gave us 10 years of awesomeness. Every episode, every scene, every character, every relationship and every single second of this show was wrapped with crazy fun and impeccable humour. While it is nearly impossible to pen down the most special or amazing episode ...

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I feel for You!

friends frever

The crippling body blow leaves you numb. With him? Really? Sheeeit!! To all those guys seeking solace in football matches, watching truckloads of seasons after seasons of various series, writing blogs (bunch of loners, really!), playing video games late in the night, listening to rock music whose words, you couldn’t even MAKE OUT without reading their lyrics over Google.. I ...

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You know what they say about being in your 20s

ARE YOU A TWENTY SOMETHING? Be ready to face disappointments   1.     No matter how loyal you are to your girlfriend you will lose her due to unavoidable reasons. So make her happy as much as you can. Don’t just buy her the best chocolate. Give her your best security and care. You will have some good memories ...

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5 Ways to Find Relationships on Facebook

Facebook is a place where people can connect with their long-lost friends and family. Heck who says that? Facebook is a place where you can flirt, date, scold, make fun of anyone and if possible then you can also fall in love with anyone and get in a ‘virtual’ love relationship even. Very soon it will become a matrimonial website ...

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Different kinds of friends!

Mallu Friends This species is defined by their unique abilities of eating non vegetarian food and consuming alcohol. A standard male mallu friend can typically take in anywhere between 4 to 6 litres of kingfisher strong beer at a time (7-8 if the mallu is from S.I.E.S.). Contradictory to earlier presumptions, dosas and appam is not a malllu’s favourite food. ...

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