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Friendship Day; Dec 16th?

Two years ago, in front of his eyes, his girlfriend was brutally raped by six┬áboys in a running bus┬áin Delhi.┬á He fought even after he couldn’t take it anymore, he was beaten┬áand┬áwounded┬áwith an iron rod.┬á They broke his leg, robbed him, snatched his mobile┬áand left him┬áwith no help, no mercy, no clothes and no means for procuring any aid. And ...

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4 ways to avoid being branded a SLUT

We all know that men objectify women, and some of us get branded as a SLUT for our choices and actions. So I decided to help women out and come out with some guidelines on how to avoid this labeling. For starters, 1) DO NOT TALK TO MEN!!! I know most of you have let out a gasp in shock. ...

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10 simple ways to become manlier

Being manly is such a big deal for you, isn’t it? Follow these few steps that will turn you into an incredible man. All you need is sheer determination and a GIRL or GIRLS. 100% satisfaction and solitude guaranteed. Be what you were born to be. An insensitive hard ass, for nuts’ sake! When your girl calls you for like ...

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The entire hullabaloo about feminism

The most provocative topic these days at the college katta is feminism. It starts with any random incident like a girl buying a cigarette in the company of guys or a guy making a comment on a passing girl’s ‘assets’. I myself have had so many casual and heated debates and one thing that I in fact did notice, was ...

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