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For Dad – Smit T on trying to be the Son,

A week ago, I had a heated argument with dad; argument over a useless issue. Useless would be my term, but for him, it meant 12 hours work a day, at his up scale restaurant in Andheri. He even offered me six hundred bucks, but I blatantly refused it. It was so meagre an amount for working 12 hours a ...

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Being Malala : A young life spent to the fullest

When BBC first decided to get some personal experiences of the horror of Swat Valley in the late 2008 little did they know that their small decision would create history in the coming years. A girl shares her personal experiences of the horror and injustice of Taliban for the first time on the BBC blog and how she and her ...

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Malala: A Childhood snatched away by Fame

malala father and cnn

Malala, the girl shot by the Taliban has climbed the stairs to fame. There has been an outpouring of support for from all corners of the world. Every country seems to be clamouring to recognise her bravery and express their support to her great cause. Her speech in the UN conveyed her passion towards education and her ability to forgive ...

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Jam Top 5: Five cool fundas to live life!

1. Money cannot buy happiness but it is much better to cry in a BMW than on a cycle 2. Alcohol cannot solve the problems of life, but then neither can milk 3. Some people are alive in this world, only because it would be illegal to shoot them 4. If your father is poor it is not your mistake, ...

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