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Why India needs feminism

Lately feminism has turned into a negative word and it has weirdly enough┬ábecome somewhat synonymous with hating men, but that’s not what feminism is. Feminism in it’s entirety means “equal rights for women and men, equal status, rights and opportunities for both the genders.” And feminism doesn’t just affect women, it affects men too. Not just India, but the world ...

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What Article 377 means and why are we angry about rights

In the world’s largest democracy and second most populated country, where we talk about advancement of the generation, uplifting marginalised of the society, of equality, and freedom of expression and where we also have discrimination against the sexual minorities. On 11th December, 2013, Supreme Court reversed the ruling of Delhi high court making homosexuality a criminal act. Gay sex is ...

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Alive and Kicking

After maintaing a low profile for the past couple of months, Youth For Equality is back. After the protests and consequent police retaliation in Delhi on 22nd August, YFE‘s Mumbai chapter was out on the streets in a show of support and strength on 23rd August. At the forefront (as expected) were the medical students, with students from engineering and ...

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