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Engineering Special

Yeh hai Mr. anil waghmare, Engineering ki duniya ke girte sitare, Life mein na kabhi kheechi line, Phir bhi kahe ‘I am just fine’ Jawani inhone bekaari mein bitaayi, dusron ki chai mein biscuit dubaayi, Phir achanak ek din while doing lafda locha, princi ne ake poocha, ‘Eh kabhi teacher banne ka soccha’ Teacher banke inhone aandhi machai, Har bacche ...

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Auto Engg 2

Foreign Universities The U.K. has a substantial research, design and manufacturing base which provides many good career opportunities. Universities offering courses in automobile engineering include: Bolton Institute Course offered: B. Engg. (Hons) – accredited by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (I.Mech.E.). The Bolton Institute has strong links with many of the multi-national companies such as Rolls Royce, Leyland Trucks, Nissan, ...

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Auto Engg 1

Intrigued by Automobiles? Step on the gas, accelerate your drive to overtake convention, put your interests in top gear and steer your career to the fast lane of cars & bikes. A wise man once said ‘Choose a job you love and you will never have to work for the rest of your life’. It’s a saying that holds true ...

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If you aint a cat, dont worry!

There are two kinds of career paths in India — the ‘safe’ ones that bring in crisp, kadak salary slips by age 23 and the ‘risky’ ones which pay off in the longer run, given a mix of time, talent and unwavering personal faith. Which basket does middle class India put its eggs in? Doesn’t take a genius to figure ...

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The truth about IT cats & dogs

There are two kinds of engineering students in India — the cats whom all companies run after, and the underdogs, who are running after the companies. The cats usually bag the cool jobs which pay you well, send you abroad and keep you far far away from sweaty industrial shopfloors. 55,000 such cats found employment with the likes of Infosys, ...

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JAM guide to Engineering admissions

Engineering admissions are always a headache for students. To make things a bit easier, JAM answers some of the most common queries plaguing every prospective engineering student’s mind. College Vs Branch Lots of students find it difficult to decide whether to give top priority to the branch or to the college. If you have the scores to get into higher ...

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