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Mechanical Engineering : Mother of Engineering.

Mechanical Engineering which is pure engineering can definitely be called the mother of all engineering branches. One of the perks of being a mechanical engineer is that a lot of government jobs are available in the filed of mechanics. But it is not just the mechanical engineers who are the lucky lot. There are many government employment options for electrical ...

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Engineering ke baad kya..

Blue Collar Blues Careers on the Shop-Floor Most people would love to have five figure salaries, comfy offices and an intellectually stimulating work environment. Add a ticket to the USA, Europe and there you have it, the mantra that most engineers are chanting nowadays. The only job that provides all these and much more is a software related one. This ...

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Placements post recession

Placed in Infosys, Ashmita Randhawa from VNIT, Nagpur, recalls the maddening experience Back in my first year, when a senior of mine had commented, “By the time you get in to your final year, your pay packages will beat all records!” he probably had not envisaged that we’d be left chasing even the saddest jobs that passed our way. When ...

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You are hired!

The three magic words for freshers are being uttered once again after a long dry spell. Saurabh Datar tells you all about who is hiring and where they are doing it from Six months after recession ruined everyone’s party (and made some), has the scene improved? Yes, indeed. Six months ago, most graduates (including the author) were unable to join ...

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To Join or not to join

The dreaded R-word has come back to haunt us once again. Graduates of the 2009 batch must be cursing their luck. We couldn’t have had a worse time to graduate. The current situation is such that more than half of the batch is sitting at home waiting for the ever elusive date-of-joining letter from the companies. The companies on the ...

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Google Job Hunt

Think it’s cool to work at Google? Who doesn’t ?? Nikhil Taneja finds out what it takes to get a job at the ‘most wanted’ company visiting engineering campuses across India. Rachit Aggarwal, one of the three finalists from the NCR/ Delhi region for the Google ‘dream job’ is calm, cool and composed. A final year student from the National ...

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