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Kolkata, a place where music breathes in every corner, and  a place where every other week, a group of people get together to make their own rock band. In this very competitive era of rock bands, even thinking of starting a metal/rock band is a big deal, with its own pressure and hurdles like: who will sponsor us?  Unsupportive parents ...

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Pop Rock Band The Chudail and Demons, Saturday at Shockk, Bandra, Mumbai

NRI Fronted Pop-Rock Band The Chudail & Demons plays this Saturday, May 25h, The Chudail & Demons (www.facebook.com/thechudailanddemons) was formed in March 2013 by NRI vocalist-lyricist-composer Amanda Sodhi who moved from Los Angeles to Mumbai recently. This energetic band also features several seasoned musicians including Shrikant Sreenivasan (guitars), Jayakrishnan Unnithan (keyboard) and Pratik Kulgod (drum)s, percussion). The Chudail & Demons ...

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