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Top five celebrities who died of a drug overdose

The recent death of Phillips Hoffman due to a suspected drug overdose has made us feel that Hollywood will never be the same again without this A-listed star. But he is not alone to have lost the battle against the drug demons. JAM (sorrowfully at that), brings to you five celebrities who died of a drug overdose (and we really ...

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Top Five unknown facts about Phillips Seymour Hoffman

Phillips Seymour Hoffman was found dead in his Manhattan apartment of a suspected drug overdose. JAM went digging and dug up five facts that we bet you didn’t know about him – 1. Phillips Hoffman was born in New York in 1967. 2. Hoffman is as respected as a stage actor as he is as a film actor. He has ...

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Wake up; It’s Just a Break up!!!

All of us have at least once in our dreamy lives had an unforgettable break up. By a break up I am not referring to a lover or a bf/gf but there are other things too. I define break up as a life changer when your support system gives up on you. It could be a loss of a job, ...

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Alcohol cigarette and drugs? Is turning 18 so cool ?


Every kid has someone slightly older that they look up to and whom they find ‘cool’. When you turn 18 you get a chance to become that cool person. 18 brings for some of us a sense of freedom to life; ultimate and endless freedom. You were able to get a boy-friend/girl-friend (or the plural of the same), to move ...

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