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Locked Away on V-Day

A friend of mine is coming to Delhi on 13th February. After we graduated from school, he left to pursue engineering in Mumbai, while I stayed back to study at Delhi University. I haven’t seen him in over two years now. So when he got in touch with me on Facebook and told me about his plans of coming home ...

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Be in the system to change the system

In these past 66 years, we have turned the whole country into a massive ranch where people live like animals. After independence our hopes are been belied and we stand cheated. The root cause for the perpetual maladies that have been diagnosed is the system and their cure is true leadership and a prudent system of governance. People keep complaining ...

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Is Being anti-Modi pro-Congress and vice-versa?

With the 2014 Elections coming up, there is a lot of debate around the front-running Prime Ministerial candidates. The two political fronts the UPA and NDA have begun their nasty verbal bouts. Some of the venom spewing on TV and in rallies often looks staged and hence has gotten monotonous even for the drama – seeking public. Most individuals at ...

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If this was ten years ago and I was scripting a Bollywood movie I would only refer to them as “The Enemy” or “Those villains from across the border”. They never really came out and said who they were in those movies those days. “This was a terrible terrorist attack!” the saree-clad actress in the bad mockup of DD news ...

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