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De-criminalisation to Re-criminalisation

I’m not much into symbolism, but my creative (read: Tharki) friends  tell me that the number “69” represents a man and a woman doing  awkward, back breaking kinda stuff. So if that is the case then the  number “77” would obviously represent two men doing ‘Brokeback  Mountain’ kinda stuff, huh? Maybe that is why the Indian government decided to call ...

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16% Candidates in Delhi have declared Criminal cases

ADR Association for Democratic Reforms is India’s independent elections watchdog. They fought long hard battles for one cause – to clean up politics, to keep criminals out. By exposing them through a simple process of law. Every candidate whether a criminal or clean, files a sworn affidavit before the election commission, in which he/she has to declare his/her criminal record, their wealth, education and things which ...

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Delhi Metro Travellers Species

Here are types one would generally find in the metro. Being the one to compose such a list undoubtedly I may belong to a freak/check-out-er category. Read on to know more.. 1. The One Who Goeszzz Well, if the station is as far as an hour away, it is okay to find a seat in that corner, put your head ...

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Elections Hungama at Delhi University

Delhi University Students’ Union Elections or DUSU elections as they are known took place on the 13th of September this year. With notable politicians like Arun Jaitley and Ajay Maken having risen from DUSU, these elections have been the links between the national leaders and the University. With their identity card as their most important document, students flocked through the ...

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You may be the Perfect Gentleman…d’yu know what she wants?

He was of a retiring nature, not prone to public displays of affection. His words were measured and he thought a great deal before making an advance in any field. Which worked both to his advantage and disadvantage, while his choices were good she did not have the patience to wait for them. Being somewhat of a retiring nature herself, ...

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Fixing the sixes

spot fixing, ipl, bcci, sreesanth, bookies,

Rahul Dravid says every body is asked to speak something in the team huddle. Guess what the team is discussing in their huddle nowadays !!

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Nightmare at DU

Weeks after the gates to Delhi University shut for new entrants; JAM finds students are yet to recover from the ordeal. The admissions to Delhi University may be over for the year, but the trauma of it is far from forgotten. Well what else can one expect when even 90 per cent marks are considered just about average (Thank God ...

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Tarang 2008

The annual fest of LSR College held between 7-9 November was the first ever I attended and to tell you the truth I had a blast. Reaching the venue wasn’t a difficult task but getting inside was one. Innovative Events and Theme – Rating 7 The first day of Tarang witnessed a lot of competitions which included Hindi and English ...

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To Do Or Not To Do? Says a 23 Year old Entrepreneur

Siddharth Sharma, a 23- year old Delhi based exporter, gives you the lowdown, plain and simple, on what it takes to break out on your own… Firstly, to become an entrepreneur, there are no pre-defined skills. The most important characteristic in a person though should be to take any amount of responsibility that comes in the journey. You, as a ...

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