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Mr Kapoor

father and daughter

It’s so rare that we find soul mates in our parents. You’re more than just my soul mate. You’re my hero. My life – saver and the ONLY MAN in my life. I owe everything to you. Past few years, when I struggled, you struggled with me. When I cried, you secretly cried with me. When I partied, you stayed ...

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She is a Girl

She is a girl. One in your womb. She’s alive. She breathes. She’s beautiful. She has eyes. Yes, the one in your womb. Bring to life So that she can LIVE her life. Not to make her a mannequin of your family’s pride. She has heart beneath those curves that your eyes see. She has a soul, she doesn’t hide. ...

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I Spy: My Daughter & That Guy

A possible conversation, in the near future, between two cavorting young people, a passionate couple, sitting somewhere on the rocks off Bandra Bandstand on a breezy winter evening with just the right amounts of cloud to be romantic: Girl: Darling I just love sitting here and seeing your hair tremble in the breeze… Boy: And I can spend my entire ...

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