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Living life the XL way

They say you go to a Business school to learn how to be a manager, I say you go to a Business school to learn how to live. True, you will learn how to read balance sheets, make marketing plans and myriad other things, but more importantly how to sit in your formals even after getting placed to support your ...

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Politics decoded

India is a land of diverse cultures, unity in diversity we call it. As fascinating it is on an artistic and heritage level, it is equally contagious when it comes down to a political scenario. As far as I can see the political mayhem in India can never be resolved under all the candidatures for governance of India. As of ...

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What Article 377 means and why are we angry about rights

In the world’s largest democracy and second most populated country, where we talk about advancement of the generation, uplifting marginalised of the society, of equality, and freedom of expression and where we also have discrimination against the sexual minorities. On 11th December, 2013, Supreme Court reversed the ruling of Delhi high court making homosexuality a criminal act. Gay sex is ...

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