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Movie Review – Mardani 2

Mardaani is a Hindi crime thriller directed by Gopi Puthran and produced by Yash Raj Films. The movie stars Rani Mukherjee, Vishal Jethwa, Avneet Kaur, Shruti Bapna, Rajesh Sharma among others. The film is the second installment in the series of the same name. Plot – Shivani Shivaji Roy (Rani Mukherjee) locks horns with the devil incarnate, a young and remorseless ...

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Movie Review; Article 15

Plot The movie is inspired from the frightful incident which happened with two minor girls on May 2014  in the Badaun area District Katra, Uttar Pradesh. Article 15 portrays the harsh reality of caste prejudice and injustice. In a country where caste or race discrimination is everywhere and accepted, police officers investigate a heinous crime with pre-judged conclusion, that it ...

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Rat Race

I tell you, today even crime has become a rat race. Take the case of the tech-savvy whiz-kid Shaggy who was running fake call centers in Mumbai suburbs and raking in zillions. Well, this brat of a rat has had to run quite a marathon. Run from Mumbai cops. Run to Dubai. Run from the FBI. Run to Thailand. Run back ...

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Irom Sharmila; Her struggle against the AFSPA

Irom Sharmila

“Whenever I felt hungry, I would press my tongue hard to my upper jaw and swallow my saliva” “I have spent sleepless nights for year, due to hunger, so please come and join me against the AFSPA” Sharmila, broke down, when released from jail on 19 August 2014. Her release and subsequent re arrest on 22nd August have once again ...

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Another Crime Statistic

Aarti had just started eating her breakfast when her cell-phone beeped. With a half-eaten sandwich in one hand, she struggled to get  her other hand on her phone lying on the middle of the dining table.  It was only then her mother, grabbed away her phone  and gave a stern look “I told you  to not do anything while you’re ...

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Movie Review; Ghanchakkar

  After two critically acclaimed movies Aamir and No One killed Jessica, Director Raj Kumar Gupta brings a comedy thriller movie: Ghanchakkar. Featuring Emran Hasmi opposite Vidya Balan in the lead. The title describes the movie very well, Ghanchakkar. The story is about a safe-cracker Sanju (Emran Hasmi) who has now decided to quit burglary and start a decent life ...

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