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Creative Make-Up Tips

From bright lips, cheery cheeks to striking kohl, every lady craves to look perfect and flawless in every party and event. Not only proper dress up, heels and accessories but proper make-up is also should be a key element to be understood by everybody. We very often avoid make-up or use just a kajal or lipstick and visit a party. ...

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Pain – the ‘not accursed’ version!

Pain – Acrimonious, acrid, acidic, abrasive, bitter, hurtful, agonizing, scary, dreadful, unpleasant, sour, bad, grieving, distressing, suffering, tough, endings, hopelessness, and tears (no, this ain’t a dictionary throw up). These are just ‘few’ of the many words, which try to explain the word – pain. I have experienced a lot of pain in my life. The pain could have killed ...

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Careers: Snip and Cut!

What used to be looked down upon earlier is now a fashionable career choice. Varun Vazir speaks to some known and new names of the industry to know more about a career in Hairdressing. There was a time when a barber’s profession was not well accepted in society. If someone thought of telling your parents that “I want to be ...

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Be a Freelancer

In the olden days, knights, who did not work under a particular lord, could be hired as mercenaries – freelancers; so the word. And in today’s world, a freelancer is a self-employed individual, who takes up short-term assignments Network for assignments Tell all your friends and family that you are available (for a freelance assignment). The power of word-of-mouth is ...

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Creative Pursuits @ Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai

Sophia Polytechnic held its annual exhibition from the 24th to the 26th February. Each department put its work on display. Fashion designing students made clothes according to historical eras; the outfits made for the Egyptian and Moghul eras stood out from the rest. Students of the Bakery Craft course, who had to work on the theme, ‘A Child’s Fantasy’ made ...

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