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Aarushi…A Rockstar

She held a ‘blue blazer’ at school. She was the prettiest and the brightest amongst all. She was passionate about dance and led a dance troupe, ‘Awesome Foursome’, with her friends. She was ambitious and wanted to be ‘famous’. She wished to follow her parents’ footsteps and become a doctor one day. Like any other teen her life revolved around ...

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Aarushi Talwar. Do we care?

She was born 24 May 1994. She lived till May 16, 2008, almost a full 14 years. She would have been 19 years old today, and in her 2nd year of college. Her friends remember her as happy normal girl full of life. One who had a normal middle class childhood,  doting, loving parents. There was nothing to suggest neither from her parents, ...

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What comes first – Sex or Marriage?

The Madras High Court has said: If you have had wilful sex you can be deemed as married. In its judgement; “If any unmarried couple of the right legal age “indulge in sexual gratification,” this will be considered a valid marriage and they could be termed “husband and wife.” The court said that if a bachelor has completed 21 years ...

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