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Be in the system to change the system

In these past 66 years, we have turned the whole country into a massive ranch where people live like animals. After independence our hopes are been belied and we stand cheated. The root cause for the perpetual maladies that have been diagnosed is the system and their cure is true leadership and a prudent system of governance. People keep complaining ...

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Importance of the ADR; and Aruna Roy


India is a unique country. Every year GDP increased. And one thing which increased with the GDP is corruption. Well, It’s says a rotten apple can rot the whole bucket. And here 30% are rotten who are trying and succeeding in rotting the bucket. Nope! I am not talking about your dining table. I’m talking about our system: the parliament, ...

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India needs a new mascot for sports

Suresh Kalmadi is totally unfazed – he is contesting for the post of the chief of Asian Athletics Association, i.e he will be representing India! The Kalmadi corruption case was a symbol of bungling and every thing that is wrong with India. Probably he has thought that people have forgotten and moved on. The reality is that Kalmadi still enjoys ...

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