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DISC-GO! Do’s and Dont’s for the First Timer at a Disc

Enter the disc like you are visiting there for the hundredth time. If it’s your first time, just stay confident enough and try not to show anything on your face because face is what people see in a disc all the time, we call it TAADNA. (The sophisticated term used by the BAAP-KA-MAAL-UDAO people is SOCIALISING) Scan each and everything ...

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Alcohol cigarette and drugs? Is turning 18 so cool ?


Every kid has someone slightly older that they look up to and whom they find ‘cool’. When you turn 18 you get a chance to become that cool person. 18 brings for some of us a sense of freedom to life; ultimate and endless freedom. You were able to get a boy-friend/girl-friend (or the plural of the same), to move ...

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Do you have the Face for a Diamond

It is no hidden secret that women love jewellery. Jewellery has always been an integral portion of every woman’s dressing sense. When it comes to jewellery, picking the right piece can be a tricky business, especially because they have to compliment your face structure and skin tone. You are investing a lot of money on the jewellery and so it ...

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